Political Speech for New York City Mayor

For years, I’ve called this city my home. Growing up in Jamaica, Queens I’ve enjoyed the bounty this city has to offer. I’ve always looked at New York as the city of dreams. A place where all you needed to be successful was a desire to do better for yourself and the persistence to follow through with that desire. But recently it seems that this dream has lost luster. No longer is it the idealized image I grew up with, but rather a sham of its former self that has fallen on the backs of politicians.

We have witnessed the corruption of City Hall and the hypocrisy present in Gracie Mansion, as politicians act in their own self-interest by using the voting population to get what they want. And the sad part is the fact that many New Yorkers have been oblivious until the reports and findings started to leak and disseminate into the public.

It isn’t a surprise that Bill De Blasio has one of the lowest approval ratings during his tenure as Mayor. A Quinnipiac Poll taken in 2017 shows him at a dismal 45% job approval rating. It’s because of people like you, who started to look past the nonsensical, illogical rantings of the political heads, who sugar coat and coax the facts of the matter that we are able to have this conversation.

You see they don’t want you to know that murders have been up in New York City, 352 according to the NYPD, or that robberies have been up at around 17000, or that rapes have been up to over 1400. They don’t want you to know that the labor force has decreased, or that the lobbyists have City Hall tied to the end of a string.

No, the current administration would never inform you of that. The current administration, responsible for systematically orchestrating the gradual demise of New York City, the gateway to success and the breeder of wealth, has all but abandoned that dream in favor of liberal policies geared to admonishing the working class and satiating the poor. We have an administration that looks not to help the working class, but to use it as their piggy bank to prop up their bloated stimulus bills and social programs, designed to help a few at the cost of many.

Up until now, I’ve held my voice and have been reserved on the matter of politics in this city. But no longer. As I, Rajesh Rao, announce my bid for Mayor of New York City. By doing this, I intend to revitalize the city that I’ve lived in all my life and give power back to the middle class. To grow jobs by decreasing cumbersome regulations and excessive spending, lowering taxes and building out our infrastructure.

I am aware that politicians, especially those warming the seats at City Hall have all gave you this message a thousand times over. How they plan on helping the poor, creating more jobs and lessening the burdens to families. But when the time has come to act, they have unfortunately fallen short,  relegating themselves to places of complacency. No longer, I say, will you have to spend the bulk of your paycheck on housing, about 40% according to the BLS. No longer will you hear the lies preached by politicians who look at you as nothing more than a vote. A statistic to be polled. A tool, that is to be used in determining how they should go about rallying supporters.

I wanna bring back the idealized view of New York City, the one I grew up believing in. the one where anyone, no matter your creed, wealth or even location determined where you could be in life. Whether you hail from the high rise apartments that rest near Park Avenue or the concrete housing complexes that line Flatbush. We are all strivers, and believers in this dream for a better tomorrow.

So I ask you for your vote this coming election, not for me, but for yourself. Vote for the future that you believed in yesterday, one which wasn’t filled with the corruption or nepotism that exists today. Vote to undo the egregious atrocities committed by this current administration. But more importantly, vote, so that we can all make New York the city of dreams again. Thank you and god bless.


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